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15 Jul 2024
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Action Society empowers women by hosting firearm training session

Action Society firearm training women

Ten women are murdered in South Africa daily. In addition, more than 150 women are seriously assaulted every day. These statistics increase every year.

“Every one of us must stand up and take a stance against gender-based violence,” said Tshepi Mmekwa, Action Centre coordinator at Action Society. “Do not wait for the government to host an event about the 16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women and Children, and hope that will keep you safe. It won’t.

“Women must arm themselves against crime as no one is coming to save them.”

In light of the surge of violence against women, Action Society took the first step in teaching women about arming themselves on Saturday, 10 December. Ten women had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with using a firearm and shooting at targets at the Skietbaan shooting range in Pretoria.

“We must learn to fight back. Remember that only two people are at the scene when an attack happens: YOU and the Perpetrator. Therefore, you must protect yourself,” said Mmekwa.

Action Society hopes to expand these types of training sessions in 2023. Visit this page to download our Guide to Owning a Firearm in SA.

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