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Ensuring Safe Firearm Ownership with Children in the Home

Children safety around guns


Children are precious to all parents, and while they are naturally playful, active, curious, and impulsive, it is essential to ensure their safety. Firearms are one of the most effective ways for a lawfully armed citizen to defend themselves and their loved ones, especially in high-crime areas. Therefore, it is important for parents who own firearms to educate themselves and their children about responsible firearm ownership and safety.

Reducing the Dangers for Children:

Parents should emphasize the importance of gun safety and teach their children about the safe handling and use of firearms.

If you are a lawfully armed citizen and have firearms in your home, it is crucial to take measures to ensure your children’s safety. Firearms should be stored unloaded and uncocked in a securely locked safe or strong room that adheres to all relevant regulations. Only the parents should know where the safe and its keys are located.

Guns and ammunition should be stored in separate locked locations whenever possible. For pistols, it is recommended to use a trigger lock, and for a revolver, a padlock around the top strap of the weapon can prevent the cylinder from closing. Additionally, parents who do not own firearms should check with parents at other places their children visit and play to ensure proper safety precautions are followed, as many accidental shootings occur in homes of friends or relatives.

Factors Contributing to Firearm Accidents:

It is important to understand the factors that contribute to firearm accidents to prevent them. Many firearm accidents occur because the operator mistakenly believed that the firearm was emptied, made safe, or otherwise disabled when, in fact, it was ready to be discharged. Misunderstandings about a firearm’s status can arise from a number of sources, such as loading, firing, and emptying procedures executed in the wrong order, or important steps being omitted.

Safety Rules for Parents:

Proper maintenance and care can prevent accidents, and safety guidelines should include ensuring the firearm is in good mechanical condition before firing it. Firearms should be checked regularly by a qualified armorer or a factory-certified gunsmith for signs of erosion, cracking, or wear. Modifications to a firearm should only be made by a qualified individual and should never impede the firearm’s safety. All accessories, such as holsters and grips, must be compatible with the firearm and not impede its safe operation.

It is the responsibility of parents, usually the owner, to ensure that a firearm is always under personal control or properly secured from access by children or other unauthorized parties. Firearms should always be locked away when not in use. When storing a firearm for an extended period, consider storing the slide, bolt, or other critical components of the firearm under separate lock and key. It is essential to take extreme care when de-cocking any external hammer firearm since it is easy to experience an accidental discharge while doing so if your thumb slips off the hammer.


As lawfully armed citizens, it is essential to educate ourselves and our children about responsible firearm ownership and safety. By taking necessary precautions, storing firearms securely, and emphasizing gun safety, we can reduce the risks to our children and keep them safe.

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