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✔️Gun Guide: Firing the Most Important Shot

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The vast majority of gun owners claim they acquired a firearm to protect themselves although the majority of individuals who acquire weapons for self-defence would prefer not to use them. But we do not live in a perfect environment, and there are instances when utilising a gun is required to defend yourself, another person, or your property.

Gun-owners in South Africa need to adhere to the rules that regulate whether it is lawful to use potentially lethal force and acquaint themselves on when it is acceptable to use a pistol in self-defence.

A first solid hit is most important

Once a person has established that a violent criminal attack cannot be averted, the first shot will be the most crucial. Even when numerous criminals are engaged, nothing demoralises the gang more than witnessing one of their associates take a solid blow with the first shot fired by what they believed would be an easy target.

Nothing stops an attack like landing the initial blow in the attacker’s crucial zone. Even if the assailant does not instantly fall, the armed citizen has taken away the criminal’s advantage.

Armed citizens must analyse their practise techniques in order to establish the most cost-effective form of practise. I propose that you work on developing a smooth, rapid draw and a successful first hit on the target.

Practice that shot

Success can be achieved with diligent dry practise. It is, of course, vital to double-check that the firearm is empty. The shooter strives for a smooth, rapid draw with minimal wasted movement. It is a good idea to practise with a friend and take turns videoing each other’s pistol presentation from a safe distance. Shooters sometimes are not aware they are guilty of wasteful movements until they watch themselves in a film.

During the draw stroke, shooters should not only be focused on the target, but also on the precise location where they plan to place a bullet. The pistol sights are gained after drawing the gun and bringing it up into the line of sight.

Where to aim

What is a decent spot to aim for? It is believed that the third button on a man’s dress shirt, the one level with the top of the shirt pockets, is about correct.

Considering however that criminals will not stand there, all squared and facing you like the target you have been training on, but that they will be moving about, it is beneficial to consider the goal in three dimensions.

Imagine that something the size of a giant grapefruit is placed in the body, and that you must hit that grapefruit regardless of how the body is rotated to end the struggle. This aids in determining the actual aiming point.

A clean, rapid draw and a strong first shot to the key zone are critical to winning a bout. It is what we should focus on the most, whether in dry or live fire practise.


Firearms are hazardous, and even in self-defence, the use of a gun should not be handled lightly. It is critical to grasp the complexities of local self-defence legislation, as well as practising your shooting skills to be able to use your gun properly.

Remember that this blog is just an introduction and formal firearm training should be done by all lawfully armed citizens. No blog or opinion guidelines can replace excellent training. 

Lastly, many shooters may have different methods that also work well.  

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