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Fight Smart: Study Attacks & Train to Build Self-Defence Skills

When it comes to personal defence, we typically overemphasise firearms and gear. With the latest weapon and the greatest ammo, one might still lose a fight. It happens because we do not recognise the threat until it is too late. By then, it may be too late to put all that ‘great’ gear to use. Aside from the shock, we may never have considered what to do when faced with violence.

Normal people frequently misunderstand the criminal psyche. Our regular lives do not include criminal action planning. As a result, we must first overcome our shock before addressing the unexpected attack. Clearly, by the time we sort through it all, it may be too late.

Forced to respond to such attacks without mental preparation generates panic or wrath. Neither of those mental states promotes excellent decision-making that solves the problem.

We can see from incidents in the news that victims frequently fail to identify their their threats as targets. Some welcome visitors into their houses, only to be robbed. Some law enforcement officials are familiar with the criminal psyche and are therefore prepared for what might happen. In South Africa, civilians are increasingly taking over that role with violent crime posing such a major threat to livelihoods.

So how do we better prepare ourselves? Many of us go to the range often to improve our shooting abilities. which is not wrong, but shouldn’t necessarily be done in isolation. Maybe should spend as much effort analysing reported criminal assaults.

We can analyse such attacks to see what the victims did wrong or right. We might also ask someone we know who has survived a criminal attack what they learnt and what they would do differently if it happened again.

Having the latest firearms, ammo, and gear might even lead to injury or worse if a wholistic approach to safeguarding yourself is not considered. If you can identify a threat, comprehend it, and take immediate action, your chances of survival increase.

Ways to prepare yourself against a criminal attack:

  • Analyse your circumstances and routine – An assessment of your lifestyle is critical. Identify the areas of concern that occur in your daily routine. Develop an action plan for mitigating the risk associated with your day-to-day activities.
  • Once you have developed your plan you must practice under many different circumstance.
  • Invest in good quality personal-defence training that does not only focus on the physical threat but also the criminal psyche.
  • Take advantage of free training resources. Training doesn’t have to be costly or take place in a formal classroom setting. Google and YouTube are gateways to a vast array of no-cost training resources, just make sure presenters really are knowledgeable, check their real credentials!
  • Improve your body language. Walk and move with confidence, with your shoulders back, so that your lungs receive more oxygen and you’ll be able to better scan and analyse your surroundings.
  • Eye contact is a powerful and by making eye contact with someone, you’re letting them know that you’re aware they’re there.
  • Go with your gut. Focus on how you respond in different situations and learn to read your ‘gut instinct’. If you’re in a situation where you need to defend yourself, trust your intuition.
  • Remember the best solution is not to be in those circumstances whatsoever. Consider warning signs in order to leave the area before things get messy.
  • Always be aware of your environment. If you see a potential danger, you can avoid it or be prepared to defend yourself. Stick to well-lit areas, don’t get distracted scrolling through Instagram and look for exits or alternate paths.

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