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Quick Guide: What to look for in an “Everyday Carry” (EDC) gun

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This article takes a look at some of the options out there for an everyday carry firearm, or EDC gun.

An EDC gun simply means that you will carry it every day. Your EDC Gun should be up to the task of defending your life and if you carry a gun, make sure you are trained in how to shoot quickly and accurately in self-defence situations.

If you have your everyday carry gun with you and can quickly deploy it at the appropriate time, you can turn the tables on an attacker and gain the upper hand. Carrying on your person is much more preferable to off-body carry or having a gun in your car since you’re going to have a very brief window of opportunity to respond to an attacker.

There are three different types of popular EDC guns, those that are easy to carry and easy to conceal yet still pack enough firepower to be useful when needed.


Pocket Pistols

These EDC weapons prioritise concealability above firepower and are quite easy to carry about with you on a daily basis. They do, however, have short barrels that are difficult to grasp which can have a significant impact on their accuracy. They are typically chambered in lower-powered cartridges, which may necessitate the use of FMJ ammunition rather than protective hollow tips. Although they may not have as many bullets as other firearms, they are tiny enough to carry with you anywhere it is legal.


Micro Compact 9mm Pistols

The market for this sort of handgun has expanded significantly in recent years. All micro compact 9mm pistols have a tiny profile and short barrels, yet they can still contain 10 or more rounds of 9mm ammunition. Their tiny size and increased capacity make them an appealing alternative for an EDC gun, however their small size results in more recoil and lower accuracy when compared to larger weapons.


Compact 9mm Pistols

The small 9mm pistol may have found the sweet spot of concealability, accuracy, and firepower. They are large enough to control even when recoiling. They also have a long enough slide to provide a good viewing radius and a crisp sight image. With only a modest increase in size, guns in this series can accommodate even more bullets than their micro compact relatives.

As a result, they are frequently suggested as an excellent gun for novices. They are tiny enough to function as an EDC weapon while yet being large enough to make practise and training enjoyable and simple.

All of these firearms are lightweight and portable. As a result, they all fit the first rule of an EDC gun, which is to carry something with you at all times.



Which is the best? That is entirely up to you and your own requirements and desires. But do not worry, we are living in a golden era of weapons right now. The design and quality control techniques utilised to manufacture each of these firearms are better than they have ever been. This means you are practically certain to get a firearm that works well for you every time.

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