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3 May 2024
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Why legal gun ownership is essential for women in South Africa

Nobody is safe from violent crime in South Africa, and the country has seen a particular increase in violent and sexual crimes against women over the past few years. Legally arming women with firearms could go a long way in deterring these horrific crimes and will help in the creation of safer communities which is in the interest of all South Africans.

Ian Cameron from Firearms Guardian said it is no longer a question, but a necessity, as the current climate of violent crime requires all South Africans to legally arm themselves for the safety of their families and communities. “We can’t afford to allow the police to have complete monopoly over the safety of South Africans. Arming women will give them confidence and peace of mind, especially when she is alone and with her children. When her husband is not around, it becomes her duty to protect herself and her children. The mindset around firearm ownership takes on a different meaning for us. When you purchase a weapon, you are not only buying it for yourself, you are buying it for the safety of your family and community.”

In some areas, law enforcement response times may be slow, especially in rural or underserved communities. Having a firearm can provide immediate protection in situations where waiting for help is not a viable option.

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