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3 May 2024
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Official stats prove guns aren’t leading homicide cause – #SafeCitizen

Are firearms to blame for the massacre of 19 school pupils?

Guns Aren’t The Problem

Official stats prove that guns not the leading cause of homicide

An article published by the Institute for Security Studies has overturned the notion that it is a gun that is responsible for most homicides. Although the Covid lockdown measures drove a reduction in crime, the figures are still shocking – 54 people per day are murdered in South Africa.

Knives and means other than a firearm a leading cause

Contrary to the claims of Gun Free South Africa, an organisation that holds the extreme view that there should be no guns in South Africa at all, the most recent data from the South African Medical Research Council in their national survey of injury-related deaths, shows that knives account for 41% of homicides in South Africa. This equates to 22 people a day, or of the total homicides in the 2020-21 period 8189 people.

A similar picture emerges from the 2019-2020 period, when only 7351 (34.47%) of the total 21325 homicides were committed with a firearm, showing that 13 974 murders (65.5% ) were committed by other means, like knives and blunt instruments and objects such pangas, hammers and screwdrivers.

Gauteng, the Western Cape and KZN have the highest percentage of death by gun, but this is still far from the claimed leading cause. Elsewhere in the country, deaths from sharp objects and other weapons outnumber those connected to firearms – accounting for around 70% of all homicides. It should also be remembered that these statistics will include ‘lawful homicides such as self-defence and all persons killed by the police or military.

South Africa’s crime problem is not driven by licensed guns in the hands of lawfully armed citizens and will never be solved by targeting lawfully owned guns. The government needs the willing cooperation of law-abiding citizens to solve the crime problem. It is high time for the police to draw law abiding citizens closer in the fight against crime.


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