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14 Dec 2023
13 Dec 2023
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Watch: Ladies, getting your firearm competency is this simple! -Women in Arms

Firearm Competency

Do you feel overwhelmed and uninformed about the process of becoming a gun owner?

The good news is that there is no difference between women and men when applying for either your firearm competency or firearm licence.

If someone has ever made you feel it is too complicated, we are here to bust that myth! Some of the jargon might take time to get used to, but I assure you it is much easier than you think.

In this video I had a quick chat with Rozanne van Deventer. She obtained het firearm licence earlier this year, and she shares her experience of the process.

The following article provides a roadmap on how you can apply for you firearm competency:

Close bolts and stand by.

Estel De Beer supports the #SafeCitizen Campaign, get involved, get armed, be ready!

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