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3 May 2024
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Open Letter: Min. Cele, We Will Arm Ourselves!

Why we arm ourselves bheki cele

Dear Minister Bheki Cele,

As concerned citizens of South Africa, we find ourselves at a critical juncture where the safety and well-being of our people hang in the balance, in fact, for most of us, it is on a knifes edge and getting worse by the day.

Be sure not to try and disarm us again, as the growing number of law-abiding citizens who, due to the ineffectiveness of the South African Police Service’s (SAPS) and most of the criminal justice system, are choosing to lawfully arm themselves for self-defense. I firmly believe that these responsible, lawfully armed men and women, serve as valuable assets to community safety, bolstering our collective fight against crime.

Last week I spent a very long time in Alexandra and your failure leaves me speechless. The very people you preach to about ‘human rights’ and what you keep ‘fighting for’ are being neglected beyond measure. The police there are not only magnificently corrupt, but openly seem to work with criminals. Some areas remain ‘no-go’ zones as cops either work with criminals or the good ones don’t have the support, leadership and resources they need to get the job done.

I have come to a point where my team and I don’t even discuss your failure or that of the police as we work on the ground to find alternatives for lawful ways of ensuring some kind of justice for victims, to you, they are just numbers.

There is no denying the alarming crime rates that plagues South Africa. With far more than 28 000 reported murders, over 40,000 reported rapes, and more than 150,000 reported armed robberies annually, the South African populace is wearied by the relentless victimization inflicted upon them by violent criminals. In light of these sobering statistics, the notion of firearm ownership for self-defense has transcended the realm of luxury, becoming an indispensable necessity.

Now I have listed the numbers to you because it’s all that seems to matter, but I think you should rather start saying their names, especially those that are violently raped and murdered. Oh wait, you believe that w woman is, and I quote, “lucky to only be raped once”. You should try and say the names of Siphokazi Booi, Mia Botha, Bokgabo Poo, Nosiphiwe James and I can go on for days, just say their names and tell their stories.

What about Liezel De Jager minister Cele? Almost 2 years after her brutal murder in KZN, the SAPS have done nothing, in fact we have followed up over 45 times with phone calls and station visits at Brighton Beach, and the SAPS literally have nothing! Even the post mortem’s existence cannot be confirmed.

At its core, owning a firearm for self-defense signifies empowerment—a tangible means for individuals to protect their lives and well-being from the clutches of violent criminals. Countless tales abound of ordinary citizens courageously thwarting acts of rape and murder, halting the perpetrators in their tracks through the use of legally owned firearms. These survivors, having taken charge of their own safety, have defied the odds and lived to recount their harrowing experiences. Without their firearms, they would likely have joined the ranks of the countless South Africans who have tragically perished at the hands of senseless violence.

The necessity for South Africans to arm themselves lawfully is an irrefutable reality. The testimonies of thousands of law-abiding citizens bear witness to the countless lives saved through legally owned firearms. It is against this backdrop that believe in the following reasons why law-abiding citizens should be allowed to always carry their firearms lawfully for self-defense in South Africa:

  1. Protecting oneself with a firearm extends protection to one’s family, neighbors, and community.
  2. The South African Government has fallen short in fulfilling its constitutional mandate to safeguard its citizens and their property, leaving individuals largely to fend for themselves during violent attacks.
  3. The South African Police Service lacks the necessary resources, capabilities, and capacity to effectively combat the scourge of violent crime—a challenge that private security firms also face despite their best efforts.
  4. An armed, responsible, well-trained, and law-abiding woman can level the playing field against any rapist or attacker, regardless of their size.
  5. Law-abiding gun owners actively contribute to crime prevention, acting as a deterrent to violent criminals.
  6. Allowing law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families fosters a safer environment, enhancing overall community safety.
  7. Armed law-abiding citizens can assume responsibility for their own safety, reducing fear and vulnerability among the populace.
  8. Well-trained gun owners develop enhanced situational awareness, becoming valuable assets in bolstering community safety.
  9. In situations where law enforcement response is delayed or unavailable, armed citizens can provide timely defense, protecting innocent lives.

In conclusion, it is incumbent upon us to recognize the significant contributions that law-abiding citizens, who are armed and well-trained, can make towards the safety.

Sleep well tonight dear minister, as you hide behind your scores of bodyguards. The real guardians of communities will be patrolling their streets, arming themselves lawfully and training to build a sustainable and safer future for their children.


Ian Cameron

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