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Gun summit: At least the DA are listening to public outcry

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“South Africans have been presented with a draft bill that fails to display any rational link to community safety and security. In this context, a national conversation around the proposed Bill to be hosted by the DA on June 22nd is gratefully received. The summit is entirely necessary for the unheard majority of law-abiding citizens to be given a voice in this matter of great concern”, said Ian Cameron of Safe Citizen.

The fact that Andrew Whitfield, DA shadow minister of police is part of the police portfolio committee should not preclude the Democratic Alliance from providing lawful stakeholders and the general public with this important opportunity to be heard.

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“Law-abiding citizens have an opportunity to unite in this very important fight for their constitutional rights around safety and security. The proposed amendment Bill, publicly sponsored by minister of police, Bheki Cele, has the potential to undermine the fragile safety of law-abiding citizens in a country where the minister by his own admission says “we are living in a war zone,” said Cameron.

For years, major stakeholders in the firearms debate have been locked out of meaningful consultation, while those opposed to private firearm ownership have been favoured at every step of the way.

Cameron concluded that “if this bill comes to pass, it will work exactly against its stated objective of enhancing public order and securing and protecting the public. In fact, it will cause a massive destabilisation of public order”.

DA invites Minister Cele to speak at Gun Summit

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