25 Nov 2021
18 Nov 2021

Police double standards; shots fired outside Zuma residence are against the law

“While private lawful gunowners are targeted by the police who want to disarm citizens, supporters of ex-president Jacob Zuma have been discharging firearms into the air. Apart from the danger of this practice it is also in contravention of the Firearms Control Act. Yet the police appear to be prepared to accept this criminal behaviour” this according to Ian Cameron, Head of Community Safety at Safe Citizen.

“Any reasonable person would arrive at the conclusion that there are different laws for different people in South Africa and that the law for legal gunowners is about to become a whole lot worse if the government achieves its aim to make the new Act law.”

“The opportunity for public comment on the proposed bill closes on August 2nd and all citizens should use this opportunity to reject the bill,” said Cameron.

We look forward to a time when high profile politicians and their supporters will be dealt with immediately and in accordance with the law when it comes to their public conduct with firearms.

Issued by Ian Cameron

ANC and SAPS disarming innocent law-abiding citizens makes no sense supports the #SafeCitizen Campaign, get involved, get armed, be ready!

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