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15 Jul 2024
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Eastern Cape farmer stabbed multiple times outside his house and why you should always carry your firearm with you

Self-Defence farm murder

It is imperative for firearm owners to carry their firearms with them at all times – very few places in South Africa are safe, and this fact was made all too clear in the case of an Eastern Cape farmer who was brutally assaulted outside his house earlier this year. 

In the pitchblack Eastern Cape darkness, the 69-year-old ventured outside his house to switch his generator off when he was attacked and assaulted by a knife wielding criminal. He fought for his life against the attacker whose singular aim was to murder him that night. During the brave fight, he suffered multiple stab wounds to his neck before the attacker fled. 

Blood-soaked and in shock, the man went inside his house and called upon his son for help who rushed him to the nearest hospital. He lost a tremendous amount of blood from the wounds in his neck but the doctors at the hospital were able to stabilise him. It was later revealed that he suffered severe damage to his trachea and cranium.

The attacker has not been found at the time of writing, and an investigation of attempted murder was opened at the local police station. 

This can happen to you:

The story above clearly illustrates that South Africans, especially farmers, have a target on their back at all times. The unfortunate and uncomfortable reality is that you need to be armed and ready at all times, especially at night. Concealed carry is the best way to legally carry your firearm with you at all times. Receiving proper training and honing your skills with the firearm could mean the difference between life and death.

Now is the best time to get trained, get a licence and arm yourself to protect yourself and your family from violent criminals like the one who tried to kill this brave farmer. 


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