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Hello and welcome to Firearms.co.za! As you might have guessed, our raison d’être (that’s fancy French for ‘reason for existence’) is firearms and everything associated with them. We look forward to providing you with exciting content on the newest firearms, their accessories, how (not) to use them and when (not) to use them.

So who’s behind the Blog?

Ian Cameron (Founder)

Believes EDC should be compulsory for all law abiding citizens. Security and Policing professional.

When the police don’t answer, your gun will.

Suns out guns out!

Michael Welch (Founder)

Lawyer, Hunter, Gun owner rights activist and Founding member of firearms.co.za – Specializes in empowering gun owners, making firearm legislation easier to understand and keeping gun owners abreast of important changes.

Guido Urlings (Senior Editor)

Born in the Netherlands, legal foreigner in South Africa. Not allowed to own a firearm in South Africa yet. Been shooting other people’s guns since 2015. Knows stuff about Crisis and Security Management (MSc). Was a student air traffic controller for Eurocontrol years ago.

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