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South Africa, one of the most violent countries in the world. Every day men and women are attacked in their homes and communities at an alarming rate.

We live in violent times and you need to know how to protect yourself, your loved ones, your property and your community. Defending yourself and your family from violent attacks is critical.

Civil unrest is a long standing reality in South Africa and economic and political turmoil will lead to higher levels of anarchy and crime.

And it will only get worse.

You need to be able to defend yourself, your family and your property if you want to keep living in South Africa.

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Don’t take it from us, here is what our students say:


In general, the person who has the means, access and opportunity to commit a crime will. In South Africa it does not just stop at house robbery, our recent history shows that mob rule and the level of violence that accompanies it is out of control.  You are on your own…

How can you protect yourself and your family in this dangerous environment?

To stay alive against this requires more than just training, more than just mindset, more than only kit. It requires something more – it requires Operators.

Be Your Own First Responder!

The Police may not respond at all and your armed reaction company may be minutes too late in a situation that can go deadly in seconds.

Introducing the Lone Operator course.

A course that runs over 12 months that will empower you to become the “Sheepdog” that can look after himself, his loved ones and his community in an emergency and life threatening situation.
The Lone Operator program is designed to take you on a 12-month journey, exposing you to top-quality instructors, teaching you to become self reliant and prepared in protecting yourself, your family and community from violent attack and disaster.
In the end you earn the coveted Lone Operator badge.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for people willing commit to a 12-month time-frame of training. Someone committed to learning. Someone not afraid of pushing themselfs to the next level.
This course is for people who are not afraid to push themselves mentally and physically. Physical Training will be done during every session. Stress inoculation is present at all sessions. Understand what this is about.  When under attack, you are under stress, and the Lone Operator course is going to empower you to handle that stress.

This is not for fun shooters. This is not a sport shooting event. The whole course is aimed at self-preservation.

You have to be able to be self-reliant and train on your own in between sessions as you will be evaluated in order to be able to progress.
Chief Instructor LEO PRINSLOO

Our Instructors

At the head of training of Lone Operator is Leo Prinsloo, former SA Police Task Force member and owner of The Edge Training Academy. Fortis will expose you to a variety of the best instructors in South Africa to ensure you get the best instruction.

Training is focused on defending the self, using all weapon platforms and more.

You will have to pass an evaluation to continue onto the next phase. You will be required to keep a certain level of fitness and be willing to commit to the complete 12-month session. Dropping out at any time means you will have to start at the beginning again.

You will cover and practice some of the following topics:

  • Firearm fundamentals
  • Handgun tactical shooting
  • Carbine tactical shooting
  • Shotgun tactical shooting
  • Knife Defence
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Close quarter battle tactics
  • Marksmanship (sniper training)
  • Team Tactics
  • Tactical Medical
  • Urban And Nature Survival
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Night patrols
  • Combat Fitness
  • Mental fitness and more.
The curriculum is developed to make you your own first responder in an emergency life threatening situation.

To apply you will need to be medically fit enough to do exercise and be able to pass a basic army fitness test. You will also need to own your own, licensed handgun at least (and preferably a shotgun and carbine – although not necessary).

Fortis is a registered dealer with most suppliers and should any kit be required, it can be acquired through us at a discounted rate.

No contract, no obligation, you can cancel at any time. The only rule is – dropping out at any time means you will have to start at the beginning again. Do not expect a military-type boot camp scenario where instructors shout military-style commands at you.

Do expect professional instructors with legit backgrounds, teaching you in a professional manner. We are looking for self-motivated, driven individuals with a hunger to learn.

If you fit the above and agree to the rules, then please register below.

You will then be provided with an info pack whereupon the program will be unfolded.

Get More As A Lone Operator!

During Your Lone Operator Training You Qualify For The Following :

  • Percentage discounts on items such as plate carriers, torches and more from Geardo
  • 5% discount on all kit from Tactical Quartermaster – The Quarter Master
  • Discounts on selected online courses by Fortis
  • Do selected stand-alone courses for free (only pay range fees), hosted by Fortis
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