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Did Julius Malema Fire a Real Firearm on the Mdatsane Stage in 2018? Evidence Suggests So

Julius Malema discharging firearm

The incident involving Julius Malema and the object he held on stage in Mdatsane in the Eastern Cape in 2018 has sparked several debates and discussions. While the EFF and Malema himself have changed their accounts multiple times, there is clear evidence that suggests the object was indeed a real firearm.

Key Points:

  1. Muzzle Flash: The video footage shows clear muzzle flash, which can only occur when a detonator ignites gunpowder in the cartridge.
  2. Recoil: The video clearly shows the firearm causing recoil with every shot fired, requiring Julius Malema to hold onto it with both hands.
  3. Handling: Adriaan Snyman, Malema’s Head of Security, handled the firearm with extreme caution during the event, suggesting it was not a toy gun.
  4. Gunshot Sound: The sound and buzzing of the shots in the video byte disproves the claims of blanks being used or a toy gun being used in synchronization with fireworks.
  5. Accounts: The EFF and Malema have continuously changed their accounts, from initially claiming blanks were used to later stating it was a toy gun. Both claims were rejected by experts.
  6. Snyman’s Involvement: Snyman, who is the head of a security company known for owning similar firearms, presented the firearm to Malema and collected it again. He has previously faced backlash for the inappropriate carrying of firearms.

Based on the evidence discussed, it is highly likely that Julius Malema discharged a real firearm on the stage in Mdatsane in 2018. The muzzle flash, recoil, handling, gunshot sound, and Snyman’s involvement all point towards this conclusion.

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