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Guns for beginners

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The first-time gun owner’s experience might vary greatly. Some may have been shooting for years and are familiar with gun range etiquette as well as how to carry a gun while others are total newcomers for whom even simple activities like putting bullets into a magazine can be perplexing and challenging.

Things like handling a pistol correctly, can be Greek to those who had never held a gun in their lives.


What to expect as gun owner

Any talk of weapons for beginners should begin with an explanation of what guns can and cannot do. Guns in good functioning order do not “go off on their own.” There are several fundamental guidelines of gun safety that you should observe every time you are around a gun.

Guns are likewise not miraculous self-defence talismans. Possessing a gun helps you “feel protected,” but a pistol is only as good as the person who uses it. So, do you want to stay safe in a dangerous world? Begin practising and training with your firearm.


Types of guns for beginners

There are many types of firearms available and what they do.


Pistols are among the most common types of firearms today. They are compact and simple to carry, making them ideal for self-defence. However, because of their diminutive size, they fire lower-powered bullets and have shorter barrels.

In general, there are two types of handguns. Semi-automatic handguns keep their ammo in a magazine, which feeds bullets into the gun one at a time. In a revolver a revolving cylinder contains the ammunition and queues it for the next shot.


Shotguns and rifles

Rifles are another popular sort of firearm. They are bigger, more powerful firearms that can hit targets from farther away than a pistol can. They are however difficult to carry around on a daily basis, but they are a good alternative for home protection and a favourite among hunters.

Shotguns are a unique breed. They have larger barrels, similar to rifles, but they are smooth on the inside. As a result, they have a lesser range than a rifle.


Ammunition for beginners

Ammunition is used to pierce the target, ideally where your rifle is aimed. In general, you want jacketed hollow point (JHP) ammunition for situations when the target is alive and breathing, such as hunting or self-defence. Hollow point ammunition is more expensive to produce and hence more expensive to purchase. It, on the other hand, grows inside the target, spilling its energy into what it impacted. This energy dump upsets the internal workings of the body, which tends to halt the target’s progress.

If, however, all you are shooting at is a target, full metal jacketed (FMJ) bullets comes in helpful. It is less expensive than JHP ammunition, making it a far more appealing option for target shooting, practise, training, and other similar purposes. FMJ ammunition punch holes in a target rather than slow down and do damage.


Buying your first gun

To acquire a new gun, a person must first pass a background check and obtain a licence to own a gun.

Assuming you have completed all of the required steps and now own a firearm, then it remains important to understand and memorise the laws of gun safety and keep your gun in a lockable container while not in use.

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