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27 May 2024
3 May 2024
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Call for solidarity of gun owners- #SafeCitizen

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Call for solidarity of gun owners- #SafeCitizen

Safe Citizen is reaching out to all gun owners. The issue at hand is this:

We’re all facing the same foe. The Amendment Bill released is at best ill-considered and uninformed and at worst represents the political will of the government and its determination to strip South Africans of the opportunity to lawfully own firearms for any purpose.

The various disciplines in shooting sports and gun ownership all have their favourite ‘home’ association. I am not asking you to in any way lessen your support for your association. You are there for a reason and your association and your fellow hunters, sport shooters or self-defence gun owners need you there.

At the same time we need to broaden the fight. Apart from the attack on sport shooters in the new Bill, certain provisions go to the heart of your civil rights – your right to life, your right to be free of violence and your right to an environment that is safe and not harmful to your health.

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By joining Safe Citizen (for free) you will add your voice to an organisation that enters this fight at the level of the Bill of Rights. Anyone is welcome at Safe Citizen – not just gun owners – and that makes it unique in this context. Unique because our motto is – a lawfully armed citizen is a safe citizen. We make no bones about the fact that we view the lawful and competent possession of a firearm as the most effective method of self-defence.

Make a choice to be effective in this fight – join us today and encourage others to join you.

Finally, please visit ALL OF these three links to comment on the Bill:
(one note, please don’t attack personalities, use rational language)

  3. (this last one is not user friendly but you can send your written comments to this – and it is directly to the police).

Thanks – and solidarity

Jonathan Deal
National Coordinator

Firearm Legislation: AfriForum to fight proposed amendments

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