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14 Dec 2023
13 Dec 2023
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Firearm amnesty by Cele is a sham and will fail

Cele Firearms

Cele Firearms

  • The real purpose of the amnesty is to disarm lawful firearm owners – (The SAPS have not been able to link even one firearm handed in during the previous amnesty to any crime).
  • Criminals don’t hand in firearms – the gun is their stock in trade – that’s why they are called criminals. If a criminal’s gun is linked to a crime, he can be charged for that crime. What are the chances that a criminal is going to hand in an unlicensed gun he has used in a crime?
  • The amnesty thus targets lawful firearm owners who have expired licences – a percentage of which are not through their doing.
  • An expired licence is an administrative issue, rather than a criminal one, same as when one forgets to renew one’s drivers licence the state doesn’t seek to confiscate the car.
  • He has created an amnesty that cannot be accessed by the bulk of firearm owners who have expired licences – fact -:
    • 432 000 firearms with expired licences
    • Amnesty period actually 118 working days
    • Equals 3661 firearms per day, every single day for 118 days.
    • As we currently stand (according to Cele on January 14) SAPS had received 2266 guns. So, the number (in the remaining days) now increases to 4747 per day.
  • Ammunition held by those with expired licences (at an average figure of 150 rounds) would equate to 64 million rounds of ammunition. How would SAPS propose to deal with that? In August 2019 Cele admitted in parliament that SAPS had ‘lost’ more than 9,5 million (9 555 426) rounds of ammunition over the last six financial years. They can’t even manage their own ammunition.
  • SAPS don’t have the resources to deal with even the usual flow of administration around firearms.
  • The CFR has for years been in a state of maladministration – encouraged by the political agenda of the ANC. This is proven by the vast numbers of licences denied by CFR and overturned by the appeal board.
  • Every gun handed in must be sent for ballistic testing. If all of the 432000 guns handed are sent to the ballistics division (seeing as the holders are entitled to apply for a new licence) it would take *216 years to do the tests. In the meantime, lawful gun owners, must be deprived of their sole means to self-defence – a right that is afforded them in Section 49 of the Criminal Procedure Act. It is clear that Cele has no intention of returning those guns.

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Questions for Cele:

  • Does he really believe that those 2266 guns have been handed in by criminals?
  • Does he believe that the bulk of guns in criminal hands are from the public? – In August 2019 he admitted in parliament that the police had lost 4 357 firearms (2 guns a day- every day) in six years. In July of the same year NEWS 24 reported that 739 firearms were missing, stolen or unaccounted for in Ekurhuleni Metro.
  • What has Cele done about the missing Metro firearms?
  • Does he believe that it is only the Ekurhuleni Metro (out of all the Metros in the country) that has lost guns?
  • Has he any figures on the amount of military guns that are still around from pre 1994?
  • Or the amount of guns that come across our porous borders daily?
  • Or the 19 Full Automatic R4 Military rifles stolen in Lyttleton?

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  • The SAPS cannot contain the spiralling crime situation in South Africa. Cele in September 2018 in parliament – ‘South Africans are living in a war zone’
  • Being able to protect oneself and one’s loved one’s is a fundamental right that has been with us since stone-age man. In modern society, where a criminal will use any type of weapon available to maim, torture and kill – a firearm is the only instrument available to the average (not Chuck Norris) innocent citizen facing a life-threatening and criminal attack.


Message for Honourable Cele and President Ramaphosa

“Not even in Europe and America can police and armed response arrive in time to save innocent people from a sudden and violent criminal attack. In South Africa, the job of police at murder scenes is to take statements when they arrive.

South Africans need their lawful firearms to defend themselves and their families against the criminals that you will never be able to control.

We are not going to voluntarily hand our lawfully possessed guns to you. Ever.”

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Calculations on ballistic testing – (very generous assumptions of performance and resources).

*Every firearm must be received, documented, stored, and transported (one would hope securely and without damage) for ballistics testing. Let’s say an average ballistic test would take an hour – to remove the firearm from the store, conduct a safety inspection before firing, fire, recover the bullet and document the result, and test against known bullet profiles. Probably much more than an hour.

  • 432000 guns = 432000 hours / 8 hours in a man day that is 54000 man days. Let’s say there are 100 ballistic technicians (a very generous estimate) 54000 /250 days left in a year after weekends and public holidays are extracted – that is 216 years of work.
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