25 Nov 2021
18 Nov 2021

9 reasons law-abiding citizens should carry a gun for self-defence in South Africa

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Here are 9 reasons law-abiding citizens should be allowed to carry a gun for self-defence in South Africa

  1. If you can defend yourself with gun, you can defend your family; if you can defend your family, you can defend your neighbours; when neighbours defend each other, they defend their community. You need a gun for self-defence.
  2. The South African Government has failed its constitutional mandate to safeguard its citizens and their property. You are most likely on your own during a violent attack against you or those close to you. You need a gun for self-defence.Government gun control
  3. The South African Police Service does not have the resources, ability or capacity to stop violent crime. Nor do private security firms, despite their best attempts. You need a gun for self-defence.
  4. A responsible, well-trained and law-abiding woman with a gun, levels the playing field against any rapist or attacker double her size. You need a gun for self-defence.
  5. Responsible, law-abiding gunowners combat crime. You need a gun for self-defence.
  6. Law-abiding citizens can defend themselves and their families against violent criminals. The more law-abiding citizens carry guns, the bigger the deterrent to violent criminals. You need a gun for self-defence.
  7. Law-abiding citizens that carry guns don’t need to live in fear because they can take responsibility for their own safety. You need a gun for self-defence.
  8. Law-abiding, well-trained gunowners have improved situational awareness of their surroundings. You need a gun for self-defence.
  9. When the police don’t answer, your gun will. You need a gun for self-defence.

“You need a gun for self-defence in South Africa”- 

Now for your own benefits of owning a gun for self-defence in South Africa. Owning a firearm comes with a number of benefits, including self-defence and participating in sport shooting or hunting. Having a firearm at hand in a society where crime prevails, can save the owner and his family’s lives. Owning a firearm remains one of the most effective self-defence tactics all over the world. In South Africa there are 58 murders per day and in most cases the police only arrive after the bloodshed, thus you are probably on your own to stay alive.

Firearms: You must own a gun for self-defence in South Africa

There is no reason to suffer in a life or death situation at home or at your business, if you could be properly prepared for a such a situation, and able to defend yourself. Any law-abiding South African citizen has the right to own a gun to defend themselves. Owning a gun allows you to exercise your constitutional rights and there is no reason to compromise one’s freedom or personal security, we must fight any amendments that want to hijack South Africans from this right.

Gun owners usually take pride in owning a firearm and do not take this responsibility lightly. Owning and learning to effectively shoot your gun could save your life and the lives of your family or neighbours someday.

Firearms: How to legally obtain a firearm in South Africa


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