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Firearm Bill: Action Society & DearSA partner to oppose Firearms Control Act amendments

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Action Society and Dear South Africa (DearSA) have once again joined forces to encourage participation in the proposed amendments to the Firearms Control Act.  Minister Bheki Cele announced on Friday 21 May that amongst others, one of the amendments will prohibit the owning of a firearm for self-defence purposes.

“To facilitate the much-needed public participation process, Action Society and DearSA decided to partner up once again. This is an important opportunity where individuals can make sure that all citizens of South Africa have the right to self-protection. We therefore want to motivate the public to take part in the simple process,” says Dr Rineé Pretorius, spokesperson for Action Society.

Under the current South African laws, government grants the public an opportunity to provide an influencing comment on all policy and legislative amendments before implementation.  South Africans have until 4 July to submit their comments and concerns regarding the proposed changes.

We urge all South Africans to help shape these draft amendments on the Firearms Control Act before they are signed into law. You can do your part in the safeguarding all South Africans by having your say at,” says Rob Hutchinson, managing director of DearSA.

Action Society is extremely concerned about the impact the Firearms Control Amendment Bill will have on the rights of South African citizens – especially vulnerable and defenceless women.  Despite the multiple flaws and failures of the existing justice system, the rights of women to protect themselves are now also being threatened.


“How many more women need to die at the hands of their ruthless and violent killers? When is enough, enough? How can government justify spending another R26 million on VIP protection while the vulnerable women and children in our communities remain exposed and unprotected?” concludes Pretorius.

ISSUED BY: Action Society

DATE: 26 May 2021

Call for solidarity of gun owners- #SafeCitizen

#StopCitizenAbuse: Help the IRR stop the government from banning guns for self-defence


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