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Why more women in South Africa need firearms for self-defence

Gender-based violence  ̶  the biggest human rights violation of our generation

The ANC has transformed our country into the rape capital of the world and South Africa is now possibly facing the greatest human rights crisis of our generation. The ANC must never claim the right to celebrate the freedom of women, women’s day and women’s month during their existence in South Africa. 116 women have their livelihoods stolen from them everyday when they are raped and they have an almost 100% guarantee that justice will not prevail.

It must be said that many victims are children and very simply put, would not be able to obtain a firearm for self-defence, but where possibly adult citizens should be legally armed and prepared for different situations they could be confronted with.

Imagine being the mother of a 5 year old little girl that was raped and murdered, then dumped in a pit toilet with severe injuries from being beaten and knowing that the chance of justice being served is less than 7%? Well, that is the case of little Chantal Makwena (5) from Rocklands who was brutally raped and murdered in August 2019. The same suspect that allegedly raped and murdered Chantal was arrested for the rape of a woman in 2018 and was  out on bail.

Thousands of stolen police ammo and firearms on streets -FF Plus

South Africa has one of the highest rates of violence against women and girls in the world, and a femicide rate that is five times the global average, with an estimated 12.1 in 100,000 victims each year. South Africa’s gender-based violence statistics (GBV) are equal to a country at war. It is important to note that 2 695 women are murdered every year in South Africa  ̶   that’s 1 woman every 3 hours.

It is because of incompetent officials like Bheki Cele that men like Nicholas Ninow can roam the streets of this country. Ninow  destroyed a little 7 year-old girl’s life before it could even begin, when he raped her in a restaurant in Pretoria in 2018. He was not convicted because of DNA- evidence but was caught red handed.

In the plenary debate on the DNA crisis, held on May 11 2021, Police Minister Bheki Cele confirmed that the South African Police Services (SAPS) was already implementing overtime to clear up the DNA backlog of 208 000 cases. “Our goal is to have 40% of human resources  dedicated to addressing the backlog and 60% of staff will handle new cases,” said Cele. It is now 3 months later and the backlog has passed the 300 000 mark with no real evidence of Cele fulfilling his mandate and the SAPS obviously failing in their’s.

DA calls for national firearms audit of all SAPS stations

South Africa has in the last year, maintained it’s spot as the rape capital of the world, with about 132 incidents per 100,000 people. Tshegofatso Pule, Naledi Phangindawo, Alexia Nyamadzawo, Nolundi Dondolo and many others were victims of gender-based violence and were brutally killed at the hands of abusers in 2020

More than 300 000 victims of violence in South Africa have been denied justice by a corrupt law enforcement cluster that cannot ensure that basic forensic procedures are completed. How many children like Chantal are still going to  be subjected to rape and murder with no hope of protection or justice?

In June 2020, Bheki Cele appointed an oversight commission that gets paid to sort outthe DNA backlog in South Africa, but they have only met once since being appointed. How do you sleep at night, knowing that your failed oversight is denying more victims of gender-based violence and specifically rape from getting justice?

No example is being set as to what should happen to perpetrators that commit these horrific crimes.

When to legally use your firearm for self-defence

South Africa is faced by a pandemic far greater than Covid 19, namely gender-based violence, as the ANC poses as a ruling political party, but is in actual fact a criminal mafia that have become professional in capturing state institutions. Under the supposed leadership of people like Cyril Ramaphosa, Jacob Zuma, Bheki Cele, Khehla Sithole, Jackie Selebi, Nathi Nhleko and Nathi Mthetwa, the ANC has become complicit in the gender- based violence pandemic that South Africa faces. There is only one reason for this: government is led by an intellectually corrupt organisation that has become the biggest criminal network South Africa has ever known.  Law enforcement institutions have been hijacked for political gain by the ANC, they abuse these bodies to ensure that justice never prevails. Not one promise Bheki Cele has made during his term as minister of police has been honoured, in fact, further deterioration is happening as I write this.

Cyril Ramaphosa should be ashamed of associating with a minister like Bheki Cele, who started his own round of police destruction when he was made national police commissioner as part of an ANC cadre deployment scheme about a decade ago. Cele was also found unfit for duty by a court of law when he was national commissioner.

Protect Neighbourhood Watch campaign launched by Action Society

Mbali Shongwe, a rape survivor tells the real story of being failed by the South African justice system.  After reporting her case and going through all the necessary channels, the case was dismissed. She was told it was due to a lack of evidence but after further investigation she learned that none of the leads were followed, the CCTV footage that was perfectly positioned to witness the crime was not reviewed and the detectives refused to pick up her assailant despite the overwhelming information she provided to them (after becoming hopeless and conducting an investigation to find her assailant herself).

“Not only did my rapist seek to silence and disempower me, but the system, that is designed to protect me, did too.  The women of South Africa are tired. What we face daily is a scourge that we can no longer ignore.  My rape has irrevocably changed who I am but unfortunately for my abuser and the justice system that failed me, I have emerged stronger than I was before. I have committed myself to the fact that I will never be silent. Until someone listens and the systems and culture change,  I will continue to fight for the justice that I and so many other women deserve,” she says.

How many more women need to die at the hands of their ruthless and violent killers? When is enough, enough? How can government justify spending another R26 million on VIP protection while the vulnerable women and children in our communities remain exposed and unprotected?

Women, like so many other citizens should be encouraged to be legally armed and trained to equal the playing field where violent criminals threaten their lives.

Help us to bring justice where the system is failing victims. Join Action Society today and be a voice for the voiceless.

Ian Cameron

Ian leads Action Society’s community safety drive and is an ambassador for the #SafeCitizen Campaign. Ian is the founder of supports the #SafeCitizen Campaign, get involved, get armed, be ready!

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